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Baeza’s hattrick wins it for Real Madrid against Peña Deportiva in Division 2

Real Madrid Castilla won in style to add a seventh win this season against a top rival in Peña Deportiva. The Whites went 2-0 up in 17 minutes thanks to a Baeza brace, but the Balearic team struck before reaching the break. Baeza starred again on 50 ’and netted a hat-trick that killed the game off.

Stellar attack from Castilla in the first 15 minutes. Guillem tried from the right wing, but his shot went wide. That was followed by the first goal from Baeza, who pounced on Seral’s save after a fierce shot from Blanco to make it 1-0 (14 ’). Just three minutes went by and the scores changed again. Castilla got a foul and Fidalgo heeled the ball for Baeza, who netted a goal at the far post.


Peña Deportiva tried a shot through Pepe in the box, but it went over the bar. The Balearic team tried to cut the distance and get into the game. Higor finished after Belman saved a shot and made it 2-1 on 30’. Before the break it was Pablo replaced Pedro, who went off injured.

Real Madrid Castilla team celebrates after scoring

Baeza nets his third
The match was just as frantic after the break. De la Fuente got the ball in the 50th minute with a shot from the edge of the box, which ballooned over the crossbar. This chance was the build-up to Baeza’s hat-trick. Great play down the left wing, with help from Fidalgo who then beat Seral with ease. Castilla could have scored twice. First another goal from Fidalgo was ruled out, and then later, Pablo put the ball into the box that Marvin did not quite get the connection with (62’). The visitors went down to ten men after Copete’s second yellow. The scores stayed that way and Castilla got the win.

3-Real Madrid Castilla:
 Belman, Fran García, De la Fuente, César (Ayoub, 78’), Fidalgo, Guillem, Blanco, Gila, Marvin, Pedro (Pablo, 31’) and Baeza (Jordi, 88).
1-Peña Deportiva: Seral, Cruz, D. Sánchez (Loren, 79’), De Val, Fran, Cristeto (Marc Fraile, 54), Pipo, R. Blázquez (Andrada, 67’), Copete, Pepe and Higor.

 (min. 14): Baeza.
(min. 17): Baeza.
(min. 30): Higor.
 (min. 51): Baeza.