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This is exactly where the tradeoff here becomes apparent: certain job prospects are sacrificed in order to obtain the lower fees.

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Relatively speaking though, UT is simply the bigger, more recognized name, and it has national presence.


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My situation is slightly different from yours. Let us know what you guys decide to do!

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If I attend Fordham at sticker price, I am sure I will have more connections and job advantages coming out, but the question is whether I want to work in Big Law or not.

Please let me know if this helps. They can make sure of other working remotely until your grad comes with!

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The idea of being able to focus on myself and school for a bit is a positive. Thanks for your earlier reply again and have a good weekend. Fordham is very well connected and there are a ton of firms who come to interview on campus.

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LSU is close enough to Florida and family so that the money becomes extremely appealing, and enough in my opinion to offset the better rank that FSU currently sports.

Rutgers needs every little advantage they can get at this point, so why not take advantage of one more?

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Thanks a bunch for all your advice, it really helps!

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